Wanna Hear The Most Annoying Sound In The World? — Thrilling Cinema Thursday

Dumb Aand Dumber Tuxedos
Totally Pimped out clothes, Gees! lol 😉
What’s inside Jimmy Devious’ head this Thursday??
To tell ye fine folks truly, I’ve been dealing with a lot of MORONS in the various arenas of my life lately, and being as how it’s Thrilling Cinema Thursday, I though I’d spend some time with two of the few maroons I can stand, AKA Harry Dunne and Lloyd Christmas, AKA…
Dumb And Dumber poster

Dumb And Dumber

“Hey, What’s The Big Idea??”
 Dumb and Dumber 3

Two hapless loser dumbassses named Harry and Llyod (played quite convincingly byJeff Daniels and Jim Carrey respectively) are sent on a cross-country journey to Asssssss…pen, Colorado to return a lost briefcase to a beautiful woman. (played beautifully as scripted byLauren Holly )

But these two idiotas majores get WAAAY more than they bargained for….but of course, else how would we have a movie, right?

Hijinks and Merth, AWAAAAAAAAAAAY! 🙂

“So…What On The Spacecraft is still Good?”
Dumb and Dumber 4
You can’t go anywhere in this category of saying what’s so great about this film without first mentioning….duuuuh…JIM CARREY!
This movie is and was a “vehicle” to showcase Carrey’s comedic talents, whether it be his constant “rubber-facing” his ad-libbing (it is rumored that the infamous “most annoying sound in the world” was NOT scripted) or his hyper silliness, it all shows in every scene.
It should also be noted that Jeff Daniels ain’t choppd liver either! He holds his own with Carrey, and is arguably as funny in this movie as the former (which might even be more of an achievement, considering Daniels was not known then, or even now, for comedy like Carrey is. )
When you see Jeff Daniels in this movie, you can’t help but think the entire time, “Holy shite! I Can’t Bee-LIEEEEVE this is the same guy that was in Gettysburg and now leads The Newsroom! “
Oh yeah, and an honorable mention must also go to Dumb’s soundtrack, which has quite possibly one of the most memorable “one-hit-wonder” song’s of the 90’s in it, Dead Eye Dick’s  “New Age Girl” otherwise known to most people (that I KNOW 😛 ) as that “Mary Moon barking-dog-guy song!”
“People Only Do Things Because They’re Paid, and that’s just really Sad…”
What really sucks about this film is ALSO ironically what’s so great about it….Jim Carrey of course. You either think he’s funny, or you don’t. If you can’t stand him at all, then this movie will be roughly 80 minutes of modern moronic pure Hell for you, or you’ll laugh your arse off.
Though probably even people who like his shtick can only stand him occasionally, or in extremely small doses. (Ex: ME!)  Dumb is one of those well-executed small doses. I just wouldn’t watch it all the time.
Oh and let us not forget that this is also a Farrelly Brothers movie, so if you’ve seen one, you KNOW what you’ll be getting here ( fratboy gross-out, prop, and pet humor, DELUXE! )
And yeah, the plot’s generally pretty predictable too. But then again, if you’re watching this movie for something OTHER than the pleasantly juvenile yucks, you should probably have your head examined, much like Harry and Lloyd themselves. 😉
Final Thoughts
When I watch Dumb again, I can’t help feeling nostalgic….lly SAD. I mean, remember when the Far-Bros actually made a movie that was genuinely funny? When people were in the mood to laugh?
It seems so long ago now doesn’t it?
Though, we may yet be in luck (or not!)
The Farrelly Bros. announced not too long ago that a TRUE Dumb And Dumber Sequel is in the works. I just can’t help but wonder though, if maybe it’s already way too late for that you know?

Who needs FAKE morons in a comedy like Harry and Lloyd when we have real world morons all-around us everyday, making morons like THESE PEOPLE into pop culture success stories?

Still, Dumb is a fun little movie. If you’re a guy of the 80’s and 90’s like I am, you can remember this movie fondly, and have a few laughs remembering the times you did stupid stuff like this with your broheims.
I close out today with a clip of my most favorite D and D scene…

(Sad to say, in my younger days, I could RELATE to moments like this! LOL 😉 )

Proud to say that HE INVENTED the quadruple double stamp…. with no erasies,
J. Devious, ESQ.

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