Remember Voltron? — Totally Retro Tuesday

Voltron  is awesome
What’s Inside Jimmy Devious’ Head this Tuesday?
Nostalgia, but of course. Why? Because it’s Totally Retro Tuesday here in Jimmyland…
…and because, I feel like it!

I was just reflecting on all the trouble and toil we have in this world, and with all the recent master debates concerning gun violence the so-called “assault weapons bans” and the police/military/me always demanding we have new toys to deal with all the baddies of this world…

….That wouldn’t it be cool if we good guys had these GINORMOUS nearly indestructible vehicles to patrol the streets in and kick ass with, only, instead of wheels…let’s give them legs. Hey, why stop with legs , let’s make them into fearsome robot creatures, you know, with robot claws, laser-shooting mouths, like, LIONS or something, and why not just for fun, give all these special patrol vehicles TAILS too. Since they’re uhh…supposed to be…lions…and all. 😛
Voltron Lions
And OOO OOO! I just thought of something, they could like, could like FLY, yeah!  And-and on a certain specific signal, how about we take all these flying lion badass robot patrol vehicle thingies, and they could all LINK UP into an EVEN MORE GIGANTOR ROBOT…but he’d be a really REALLY big robot DUDE…you know, with a giant laser sword!!
They could do this just in case they had to…uhhh…fight a criminal who’s like…ummm….even bigger than the individual giant robot lions (with anatomical tails they don’t really need. Yeaaah. 😛 )
Who needs a fully-loaded AR-15 and a bulletproof vest when you have a…
VOLTRON: Defender Of The Universe!
For those of you who weren’t even a glint in your mother’s eyes or a squirt in your Daddy’s…err…whatever. 😉 back then, Voltron was one of the first fab-phenomena-toy-marketing cartoon machines of the 1980’s. Voltron was the “Power Rangers” of my generation.
Voltron 1
Sure, it was a little weird. Sure all the members of the original Voltron “super force” looked more like homoerotic Motorcycle-jumpsuit-wearing daredevils than galaxy-protecting “space explorers” and OF COURSE, being anime, they HAD to have that “eternal” ridiculous perfectly-round bead of sweat that appears on their animated foreheads whenever they get stressed but Voltron was STILL cool! 
Voltron action figure
I mean, what kid wouldn’t want to pilot a large flying robot space lion. Who cares if they sometimes have mouths that open three-times too wide when they’re shouting, or that nobody really had any idea what that mousey looking thing that was Pidge’s pet… (or whether Pidge was really supposed to be a boy or a girl )
Or for that matter what the Hell a “Roebeast” even is. 😉
For as relatively short-lived as it was in its first incarnation, Voltron was cool just because…it was. You can’t explain it. It’s just a time and place of fun for a lot of us “Generation Y’ers.” 

It’s also a time that may yet come again, if some movie folks have their way.
There have been rumors of a new live-action Voltron movie in development and even some concept art put out there…

…Whether or not any of that comes to pass (and whether or not its failure to appear would be a blessing in disguise 😛 ) remains to be seen.
But we still have our old V-tron memories of nostalgic joy. Oh yeah, and UNTIL we get our real-world Voltron, we’ll be keeping our AR-15’s, no matter what!
Fair is fair! 🙂
Doesn’t mind closing/fading out his posts laughing hysterically at nothing with his friends like all the old anime cartoons used to do,
J. Devious, ESQ.

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