Beer, Beer, Beer, and More BEER Comercials- Manly As Hell Monday

Beer Goggles Funny
What’s inside your virtual pal Jimmy Devious’ head this dreary Houston Monday?
Yeap. That about sums it up.
LOL just kidding! 😉
Let’s face it folks, it’s cold (for Houston) it’s wet (again, for Houston 😉 ) and it’s nasty as crack outside (not even gonna go there, but if you want to talk about the late Whitney Houston, be my guest! 😛 )
It’s the perfect weather to stay inside and say…*BLEEP* it.
But, rather than do that, I’ll launch a new blog segment….Manly As Hell Monday!
And what, pray tell I ask you is more manly a thing for us to manly meditate on in our manishly manly man…err…NESS than that golden frothy, elixir of the gods called….BEER??
(Okay, you don’t REALLY have to like the hopsy liquid to love the following clips, but it helps. )

An oldie (but goodie) viddie…er..Video of some of the best Beer ads on the planet. Enjoy!! 🙂

I especially like the first two, but they’re all pretty funny..well…MOST of them!

Is always totally *bleeping* willing to *bleep* the *bleeping* *bleep* out of a Swear Jar  so long as the *BLEEPING* thing is for a totally *bleeped* out worthy cause…*bleep* for charity…*BLEEPERS*
J. Devious, ESQ. 



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