Jimmy Is As Jimmy Does– In The Third Person Thursday

Bed Head
That kid looks like how I felt this morning! 😛
Jimmy woke up this morning as always, hoping it would be a great Jimmy-riffic type of day.
But alas, it was not too be, as Jimmy soon realized. He felt sluggish, he felt stuffed up, he felt not at all like his normally unbelievably awesome Jimmy self.
Nevertheless, Jimmy persevered through the apparent stumbling blocks of his stubborn Jimmy body and wrote a page or two, or three of his epic novel, then struggled to tackle the challenge of posting a new blog segment called, In The Third Person Thursday, when he really didn’t feel like it.
Against all odds, Jimmy got it done, because that’s what Jimmy does… (occasionally 😛 )
Jimmy gets things done (when it’s the small stuff. 😛 LOL)
Jimmy hopes as Jimmy often does, that he will be able to have something exciting for din-dins this evening, but that will all depend on whether he remembered to make some groceries, or if he strongly coerced SOMEONE ELSE to make the arduous trip to “the sto’ .”
It is highly likely that Jimmy did NOT…and thus, Jimmy will likely get mad at himself, go on a gibberish-muttering pissed-off tirade to himself a’la Toshiro Mifune in an old Kurosawa samurai flick, and Jimmy predicts that Jimmy will stub his pinkie toe on a piece of oblong furniture in the process.

Jimmy often does stupid things. 😀

No one can so deeply reflect on a Jimmy quite like a Jimmy.

Jimmy’s life is SOOO exciting, isn’t it?.

And so his day concludes for now, run along folks….

Jimmy Has Left The Building!

(If you feel like commenting, pray tell me….)
How was your Thursday?
(Make sure though to tell me about it in the Third person! )
Jimmy enjoys talking about Jimmy in the tres persone and annoying the snot out of people,
J. Devious, ESQ.

One thought on “Jimmy Is As Jimmy Does– In The Third Person Thursday

  1. Rosemarie went to work today unloaded the freight from the truck, and put the women’s shoes on the shelves. She also was the cashier of the day shift so pulled double duty. By the end of the day, her feet were killing her because she wore her boots to work. She arrived home to find her hubby cooking chicken on the grill so all she had to do was prepare the vegtables to go along with the meal. That was a treat for her. Life can be dull but consistant. 🙂

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