Biggio Got Robbed! –We Love The Stros Wednesday

Craig Biggio Hall Of Fame 1
Biggio: A class act..pure and simple!
What’s inside your main man Jimmy D’s head today?
Another surprise out-of-season installment of We Love The Stros Wednesday, matter-a-fact!
I mean, how could I NOT do it, seeing as how it was the first time that the greatest Houston Astro in my lifetime, A.K.A. the ORIGINAL “Killer B” and all-around throwback hustler Craig Biggio was eligible for Cooperstown balloting.

But, as customary of everything Texas, and particularly everything Houston Astros, Bidge got snubbed.

Well, okay, TECHNICALLY he wasn’t snubbed… seeing as how, if you read in the fine print of the story, he was actually the Numero Uno vote-getter (68.2 % ) of all those on the ballot this year.

Still, what WAS the main story that most of the major media outlets went with as their headline on this? Essentially, “Nobody got in this year because of the cloud of suspicion around dudes using steroids” and they showed a pic parade of the usual suspects of mostly obviously ‘Roided up fat-heads (Bonds, Clemmens, Sosa, Piazza, etcy, etcy..)

Figues. 😛

I am SO sick of seeing Barry Bounds’ fat pumpkin head on every baseball story. We all know he cheated. We all know he can’t go five minutes without telling us that he is/was Willie Mays’ God-son. We also know he’s an arrogant jackass who’s totally in love with himself.

The Baseball Sports Writers Association? Bleeeh. I have never understood why a bunch of (mostly ) New York or Northeastern-based “Armchair Pitchers” (and likely Catchers 😉 ) who have NEVER played professionally ANY sport in their lives can be the ones who get to anoint Baseball’s greatest into the Valhalla of immortality.

Jeff Bagwell not making it? I’m slightly disappointed yes, but not surprised. There were some small, ocasional rumors of ‘Roids here and there on him, and his career did get cut a little short.
But Bidge should’ve been a shoo-in. Just for joining the 3000-hit club alone!
Ah well, I’m not worried about it, (YET.) Bidge has earned his place in Baseball’s history and whether it takes another five years, or less, or longer, I think sooner or later, he’ll get there.

Hang in there Biggio, it’s what you were always good doing at the plate anyway!

Hang in there. 😉

Craig Biggio Hall Of Fame 2

Has always though the Hall should be in Cooperstown….TEXAS and as far away from NYC Sports Writers as humanly possible,
J. Devious, ESQ.

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