Goodbye G4…Hello NHL

Hockey Babe
Weeeeell what’s Inside your virtual pal Jimmy D’s head this Monologue Monday?
Apparently, a taste of the inevitable and the unexpected.
 In case, like me, you hadn’t heard the news all last Fall (or didn’t care 😉 ) that hapless geek-chic’ channel G4 is dead.
G4 Logo
The final death rattle of the network begins this week in earnest. They’re going to transform it into, get this, The Esquire Magazine Channel a place on the tube with programming geared for “Metrosexual Men.” (I’m NOT making that up!! 😛 )
Just what we  need, more f&^king Metrosexuals!! Bleeeeeeah.
(Point of full disclosure: In the distant past, I tried submitting a few short stories to  them once, twice, or thrice, and got totally rejected each time, so I’m a TAD biased. 😛 lol ) 
Can’t say I’m too surprised though. I mean, you KNOW it’s a bad sign for ANY TV network when reruns of crap “Redneck Trash” shows like Cops and Campus PD get more airtime than your flagship stuff. I guess all the “geek-ette hotties” and fly-by-night Olivia-Munnage in the world couldn’t save them in the end.
Honestly, I think it’s mildly impressive at all that they managed to drag this horse out to ten years on the air. Most of G-quatro’s core shows died out YEARS ago.
 I’m more concerned about where the new US television home for Ninja Warrior is going to be.  I’ve just got to get my little Asian guy wall-crawling supermen fix SOMEWHERE!!
(And no, American Ninja Warrior doesn’t count!! Most of those guys suck-arse when compared to the poise and skill of the original Japanese All-Stars. :P)
But just when life est a naughty biach and taketh away, it also giveth back a little too. Because, friends and neighbors, HOCKEY IS BACK!!
Badass Hockey
The REAL men of Sports have returned!!
 The Players and the owners finally reached a deal late yesterday so I guess, for once, my brother Stu was right, we’ll have an NHL season after all, albeit, a very, VERY short one.
 In light of this news, I think we should do a little celebrating…to close out this post, let’s all sing, The Hockey Song!

(You KNOOOW you want to!! 🙂 )

Refuses to close out this post with his customary gentlemanly”Esquire” (ESQ) because he thinks that magazine kinda SUCKS,

J. Devious….(Just J. Devious…THIS TIME.)

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