7 Songs I Get Pumped Up To Working Out

Funny skinny dude muscle flexing
Careful man, you don’t want to get TOO big now! *SNORT*
So what’s going on in Jimmy Devious’ Head this First Friday of the new year?
Well, with the Holidays now come and gone, and with all the deliciouso-sweet-sugar cookie calories that we’ve all no doubt piled on over the last two weeks…
I thought I’d close out this short week of mine with a little Fitness Friday.
 It’s time to get it on and get PUMPED UP!
Funny Muscle dude
Okay, when your pecs start to look so muscular you a need a bra, then you’re TOO pumped up! Yeaaaaaah…. LOL
But, What is one of the most important ways to try and stay motivated, if you want to get all that fat a’jumpin’ off of your waistline like dirty old men out the windows of a whorehouse?
Why, to make sure you have the RIGHT MUSIC in your tune-alogical toolbox to keep going, but of course!! Don’t worry, Your bud Jimmy D’s got you covered with some great music from my own “Fitness Playlist.”
Check’um out! 🙂
7. “Bring The Noise Remix” by Public Enemy and Ben Bennasi
A nice “rebotic” kind of remix sound, that’s great when you’re lifting weights or doing pushups…FEEL THE BURN! 😉
6. “The Warrior’s Code” by Dropkick Murphys

The Dropkick boys go well with any musical occasion, but this song is always great for keeping you moving in that final stretch

5. “Number One” by Chaz Jankel
Likely not a song that most of you younglings have ever heard of (nor me either, actually 😉 ) but it was featured in a key “Hard working montange” from the 80’s cult comedy film Real Genius.
4. “Ecstasy Of Gold”  From The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly Soundtrack
3.”Straight Out Of Line” by Godsmack
If that song doesn’t make you want to charge out of the tunnel to take the field, nothing will! B)
2. “Dawn Of A Day/A New Game” from NFL Films
YESSSS it’s the song featured in NFL ads with the “bells” in it. Who WOULDN’T get pumped up from that song?
and finally…
1. “Training Montage”  from Rocky IV Soundtrack

Can you tell that I have a thing for epic 80’s film montages/soundtracks yet?? 😉

You can listen in on some more of the stuff that’s on my personal exercise playlist (from the stuff I could find online) by CLICKING HERE

What are some of the tunes on your own “Fitness Playlist?”
Have a great weekend, Blogster folks! 🙂
Runs high-legging like Rocky in “Packing Peanuts” because this is South Texas for crissakes, NOT RUSSIA,
J. Devious, ESQ

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