Writer’s Update Wednesday: “Keep Going and Going and…”

Energizer Bunny Funny
What’s going on in Jimmy Devious’ Head this evening?
Not much, gotta keep it short because I’m a little pressed for time this afternoon. Still behind on catching up on my blogreads, still behind on my personal SHED-ule, which is why you’re getting Writer’s Update Wednesday…on Thursday…again.
I know…it’s weeeird….but we’ll make it! 😛
I was sooo looking forward to the Christmas break because I THOUGHT with the quiet in would leave yours truly more time to really hunker down and crank out (getch’er minds out of the gutter! 😉 ) some serious chapters on both my “Comedy Retro Video Store Novel” project and my more serious epic “Dystopian Hillbilly Sci-Fi American Dark Ages” novel.
But…what TYPICALLY happens when family is in close proximity and involved? Riiiight…other things end up taking more prescience than you THOUGHT they would. You end up “Spring Cleaning” in December because you promised others you would help them do so, taking hours to wrap a big box Christmas gift that you guestimated would take only an 30 minutes to an hour…tops! and running other favors for people that you forgot you promised your services to.
And they decided to call them in….right now. Whhhhhhhhy Nooooow whhhhhy???
Sooo…By the time that free week of VAST amounts time you thought you had is over, you feel like most of it is totally and utterly eaten away by other people’s concerns and wishes for your time.
I managed to get done on both aforementioned projects…ready for this? Grand total? TEN PAGES, that’s writ…err…right. ONLY ten pages. (4 for one manuscript, 6 for the other.)
 That’s like, one days work out of seven-plus that was supposedly possible’!!
Why is it that EVERY TIME you feel like you’re going to have some real free time coming up to focus on your writing, it’s like the whole world (and their thirty-fourth cousin and their dog, once removed 😛 ) decides to start coming on in and monopolizing most of your time??
Pbbb. 😉
Buuut…the work, the fun, the drudgery, and the creativity that is my life’s work keeps on going…and going…
…and going…in spite of all…distractions…..
At this rate, it may take my whole life to be finished, but it’ll get there….
…Hopefully 🙂

And if you’re just now joining us and are somewhat curious as to what “projects” I’m talking about, you can be filled in on all my personal creative scuttlebutt by clicking HERE and HERE

(Or maybe you can just scroll down for a really REAAAAALLLLY LOOOONG time! 😀 )
More fun, interesting stuff to come on the morrow…if all goes as planned.
Would prefer it were Writer’s Block, rather than going on other people’s “adventures” in house cleaning,  😉
J. Devious, ESQ

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