It’s Not Just Hockey and Football, It’s MUTANT League Hockey and Football!!

Mutant League Football 1
Yup. I think he’s having a bad day!
Heeeeey there Blog folk and WordPressers, I’m back for 2013!!
Miss me??
(Nevermind, don’t answer that! 😛 )
What’s going on in your bud Jimmy Devious’ head today? Well, how about some Totally Retro Tuesday! (On Wednesday…because it was a holiday! 🙂 )
(You’re Welcome! )
Today, I thought It’d take you back to the 90’s…no friends and neighbors, NOT the “Gay 90’s” (though it’s not the kind of gay you probably think it is, more Michigan J. Frog and Ragtime music, NOT gay as in Adam Lambert.;) )

No, I meant the 1990’s. A quaint time when the Sega Genesis (also known as the Mega Drive in Europe ) and the SNES were the kings of the “Console Wars.” When the common formats and formulas of today’s video gamming industry were just being…well…formulated. Developer were “experimenting” heavily with new ideas ( perhaps even other “substances” 😉 ) and genre crossovers.

One of these refreshing such crossovers was the Mutant League series. (the Asforeskin-mentioned Mutant League Football and Mutant League Hockey

Mutant League Hockey

And just what ARE these two games? Glad you asked. 😛 (Allegedly. )

 First, imagine a Madden Football game, or one from the EA NHL series. NOW imagine those two games totally PIMPED OUT with the literal living dead, and with demons, flesh-eating trolls, alien lizards, and psychotic robots. Oh yeah, and they’re not playing on plain old gridirons of grass or placid frozen rinks, but ones beset with landmines, the vacuum of space, deep lunar craters, incinerating fire pits from the bowels of Hell, ice holes and side boards lined with impaling spikes.Think it’s satisfying when you score a Hat Trick against your sucky gamer buddy and the digital crowd throws their hats on the ice?
Try a blood-happy fan mob chucking  you a free chainsaw or a battleaxe instead…that yes, you can use during the game TO KILL YOUR OPPONENTS!
Mutant League Football 2
Bare in mind, this is all total cartoon “Itchy and Scratchy Show” type violence. But there are still few things in video-gamedom quite as awesome as your evil defensive back aptly named “MoPuke” hitting the opposing team’s hot superstar rusher so hard his head and spinal cord fly off, or scoring on “The Demon Net” (an unholy emergency goalie device/giant Troll Head that pops out of the ice and DARES you to shoot a puck into its mouth. Rocket one on in though, and it will EXPLODE into a wonderfully disgusting blob of eyeballs, fang teeth, and gooey animated entrails. 😉 )
There are many more little “surprises” I could share with you here, but that would spoil the fun.

I’ll let a few video clips dothe talking for me, including an excellent short review from Youtube Vlogger The Classic Game Room

Bottom line, if you’re a gamer with a twisted sense of humor, particularly one who enjoys retro stuff and you’re looking for something different OTHER than the usual repetitive sports titles, check out the Mutant League duo.

It’s a perfect medley of quality gameplay, novelty, and cheesy gallows humor to satisfy the inner Metal-loving 14-year old boy in all of us.
Prefers to win games by KILLING his opponents and making them forfeit rather than scoring,
J. Devious, ESQ

5 thoughts on “It’s Not Just Hockey and Football, It’s MUTANT League Hockey and Football!!

  1. I had totally forgotten about these games but this awesome post jogged my memory to many awesome afternoons. It also reminded me that there was a cartoon series spinoff, just like the game but a little less violent with some anti-big-business social commentary thrown in.

    1. Oh yeah, the Mutant League cartoon show by comparision to the games was a HUUUUGE disappointment. Had almost forgotten about that one. 😛

      While I’m thinking about it, Was it just me, or did the Bones Jackson on the show just look like a total ripoff of the original TMNT’s Casey Jones? 😉

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