Christmas Memories

What’s inside Jimmy’s head this final Friday…before Christmas? 😉
(Talk about a BUST! Take THAT Mayans!! 😉 )

But, like many of you, I’m excited and looking forward to Christmas. 🙂

I’ll go right ahead and tell all of you right now…. I’ll be taking the week off from blogging next week to enjoy the holiday to the fullest, as I’m sure many of you will be doing as well.

Buuuuut…before I go, I thought I’d share just a few Christmas “memories” of my own with you from my Christmases past.

(There were intended to be more, but in order to commandeer ye olde family photo album to seek the ones I wanted, I’d of had to ask permission to get them out of my folks closet. Which, not coincidentally, is also the place where Mum’s hoards all the Christmas presents….and I am NOT a “snooper!” )
There would have also been the serious dilemma of what I would even do with the pics once I acquired them, seeing as how I have not a working scanner at the moment. My brother does, but good luck finding an hour of the day when he’s actually AWAKE, let alone asking him to do anything 😉 lol
But in any rate, here’s a few goodies of yore from what I could “scrounge” up to show you guys…
Jimmy Devious Stormtrooper
I believe this was taken around the time of my ONLY Christmas in Michigan, 1983. I LOVED Star Wars cereal! 😛
 Dig those dorky long-Johns!! 😉
Jimmy Goofy
I think this was around Christmastime, 1992…but not actually ON Christmas, because we were still living Cross-town. Trying to cheer up my grumpy older bro Stu by making a goofy arse of myself!
You probably recognize that one from the “masthead” of my blog. That’s a little more of the story behind it. Now you know… (” And KNOWING is half the battle! ” 😉 )
Pepper Sweater butt
I think this was Christmas of 2000. My dog Pepper is his dorky sweater, a-waiting to be given a Christmas Present!
That crazy dog LOOVED to tear himself some Paper on Christmas morning!!
Pepper Christmas 1
Pepper Christmas 2
Pepper Christmas 3
See? 😛 LOL But he wasn’t the only one who enjoyed opening Christmas Presents…
Little Jimmy D with ALF
Christmas 1986. Can’t you tell by what present I got. I drove people NUTS with that talking ALF MUAHAHAHAHAHA!!
Speaking of terrifying folks with Christmas presents….
Little Jimmy as Robin Hood
Christmas 1991. Can you tell by that EVEEEL smile I was already thinking about all the holy terror I was gonna cause with that bow?? MUAHHAHAHAHA!! 🙂
That’s all folks….but fear not, because I will be catching you all again in two weeks on the “flipside” of  Feliez Navidad. 🙂  But for now….
Merry Christmas From Texas and Me!!
Brecking The Rawls Wif Browls Of Folley…Rahrahrah-rah-rah…rahrah-rah-raaah,
J. Devious, ESQ

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