“The B&%tch Hit Me With A Toaster!”

Bill Murray Scrooged
Christmas mixed with “W-T-F face” 😉
What’s on tap in ol’ Jimmy’s head for this (supposedly, but not really) FINAL Thursday of all time?
Well, it is, once again Thrilling Cinema Thursday  and I thought I’d do one of my favorite all-time Christmas movies, to go with the timely all-time…err…liness…err…of the day. Yuuuup.


What’s The Big Idea? “
TV Executive shark Frank X. Cross (played by Bill Murray ) is at the top of his game (or so he thinks 😛 ) personally running his network’s holiday schedule with all the loveable teddy bear charm of an iron-fisted dictator from Hell, and he couldn’t be happier or more in love with himself.

But three Christmas ghosts are about to give Frankie boy the shock of his life, showing him past love (portrayed by Karen Allen who is charming as always ) past sins, and in the process, hopefully also Frank’ll learn the true meaning of Christmas.

Karen Allen Scrooged

Story sound familiar here, folks? 😛 lol

Soo…what on the Spacecraft is still good?”
Bill Murray, in spite of himself. (A little slight holiday puny-pun-pun there. 😉 )  But really, I heard tell a gossipy rumor once that he HATED doing this movie; and this is one case where that sort “artistic grumpiness” probably actually HELPED in making the character more believable. You really get the sense that Murray’s character is a pissed off “real guy” walking through a make-believe world, and spurts off a lot of sarcastic zingers that a REAL person might find themselves saying when faced with something as absurd as wise-cracking cabbie ghost…

Scrooged Cabbie Ghost
Is it just me, or did anybody else think this was really the Ghost Of Tom Waits? 😉
Or… a glitter and bubbles spewing pixie of optimism, claiming to show Frank the “Christmas Present.” 

Speaking of which, most of the supporting roles are great, but it’s Carol Kane’s ditzy homage to the Glenda The Good Witch that practically steals the show.

Scrooged Ghost of Christmas Present

I love the mix of the surreal, the real and smartassy of this movie…really reminds me of my own take on Christmas. Part of me completely agrees with Frank that its all for “…kids, it’s a CROCK James!” But another part of me also wants to keep the spirit of giving alive. Not to mention it’s all done in a darkly funny way.

It’s an interesting reflection of the Christmas Conflict within all us adults.

Anything Suck about it?
If there’s anything that really sticks out at me, I’d say it would probably have to be Bill’s final blubbering monologue at the end of the film. While the sentiment is great for sure, it does seem when Cross goes a bit “manic” there that Bill’s trying too hard to make the character make YOU the audience FEEL what he’s saying, that deeper social message…and you BETTER FEEL IT..or ELSE…and that one little teeny-tiny part always came off creepy to me. But who knows, that could just be my impression. 😉
Final Thoughts
Considering that this film was made WAAAAAAAAAY BACK in the ANCIENT 1980’s and has many blatant “yuppie executive” slams,and some dated cultural jabs in it, Scrooged is still surprisingly relevant today. (Especially when it pokes fun at the network TV world, which has only gotten WORSE in its peddling of shameless crap than in that go-go golden age of cheesy sitcoms that was my childhood.)
Still, there’s a lot of fun to be had in this film, and while quirky and certainly not for everybody, it has enough holiday heart and “Christmas spirits” in it to keep most viewers quite well entertained for many Christmas’ yet to come!
Oh yes, there WILL be more Christmases…trust me! 🙂
“Have you tried staples??” 😉
J. Devious, ESQ

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