Total Silliness Tueday: Asian Dork Breakdancing

funny breakdancing dog
What’s inside your pal Jimmy D’s head on this Tuesday?
Pretty much just a bleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee….
…..yeah, a test pattern of blandness. (I know, I know! 😛 )
The closer it gets to Christmas, the closer my brain gets to checking out until January…ish.
But for now, let’s have a quickie laugh on this Total Silliness Tuesday.

And what, may I ask, is funnier than watching an old video clip of an Asian dude try to breakdance??

Yeah, that’s what I thought…. Dawwg. 😉

Okay, if you INSIST on having something more substantial to read from me, you COULD scroll down and read yesterday’s 5 Ways I Plan To Prepare For Mayan Doomsday if you haven’t already…

( And judging by the stats I rarely look at, you probably haven’t LOL 😀 )
Ha. That is all. Carry on, as you were. 🙂
STILL thinks his “Figure 4-12-Step-Windmill-Backspin-Kick-Out” is the most wicked awesome move ever….in his own mind,
J. Devious, ESQ



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