Sing Like A Pirate Saturday: All For Me Grog

Pirate Puppy
What’s in the adorably sinister mind of Jimmy D this day?
Why, I feel like singing!!
NOOOO, not Christmas songs you loveable dolt, you can get those danged dittys playing at any old American mall or Chinese apothecary’s/cat-gutting shop this time of year!!
I’m talking about…PIRATE SONGS! Because friends and neighbors it’s…. Sing Like A Pirate Saturday!
(It’s not a national holiday or anything, but dangit, it SHOULD be…don’t you think? 😉 )
Today’s salacious sea shanty comes down to us from 18th century sailors in the Royal Navy, a happy naughty tune called All For Me Grog.
Grog being the nickname these salty seamen (don’t say that out loud, it’s gross 😛 ) gave their daily rum ration, which was often HEAVILY watered down by their officers to make the spirits last, while being chintzy with their sea dogs.

This version is a creative rendition by the Midwestern Renfest folk band (thank you Wikipedia 😛 ) The Jolly Rogers

Not bad at all kids. Though I’m still a TAD more partial/biased to Texas’ own Renfaire pirate band The Bilge Pumps 😀

Because in his world, the Rum is NEVER gone,
J. Devious, ESQ

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