The Ecstasy That Is Powdered Doughnuts

Powdered Doughnuts 2
It’s like the very shape tells you what to say when you see one.. “Ohhh Boy!”
What’s inside Jimmy Devious’ head right now?
Hooray, It’s Food Porn Friday!
Today, I’d like us to quietly reflect with a zen-like reverence on a wintry-white treat that, although NOT neat for your cheeks, it is still oh-so-good to eat.
Imagine first a Doughnut. (Which is in itself always a good start. 🙂 )
 Now imagine that large deep-fried or cake doughnut covered in a snowy white blizzard.
But not just ANY old blizzard blitz no ma’am, no sir. Envision the kind of snowy deluge of course that is NOT at all cold, and that you can eat WITHOUT turning your tongue into a popsicle.
If you bother to read titles, you already know where I’m going with this, but whatevers folks, enjoy the journey with me…are you ready? Wait for it…WAAAAAIT for it…
Yesss…I’m talking about the mouth-filling joy of Powdered Doughnuts.
Powderd Doughnuts
No, these blanco beauties don’t always get the appreciation they deserve, especially the shrink-wrapped gas-station-cojones-sized-snack-bite species of the powdery doughnutus variety. Nevertheless, Powdered doughnuts are grand things. Of course, because they’re DOUGNUTS in the first place, but that “snow” with which they are completely paint-coated in is none other than a thick, RICH creamy generous powdery helping of Powdered SUGAR!
Just about EVERYTHING on the planet that is edible (or not 😛 ) goes  well with that shaving cream shade of heavy confectionary sugar. I dare say, you could perchance even thrice coat a FRUIT CAKE first fashioned to destroy mankind waaaay in the late Triassic Period with this stuff, and it would turn that lump of candy-fruited apathy into an epic treat, fit for the whole family.
Or dry ramen noddles and cardboard. IF you’re hungry enough. 😉
But when that snowy storm of sweet goes all Starsky and Hutch together with DOUGHNUTS you KNOOOW major taste bud ass willth be kicked. YUMMMIES!!
Go ahead Food Porn Pilgrim. Take a BIIIG bite of that baked goodness. Whether it be the breakfast hour, the lunch hour, dessert time, dinner time, or even your SECOND dinner time, wear your newly-made whitey whiskers with powdery pride. Don’t let the” Health Nazis” get you down.
Your friend Powdered Doughnut’s got yo’back…JACK! B)
Powdered Donuts
In the process right now of growing a Handlebar style powdered mustache,
J. Devious, ESQ

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