Writer’s Update Wednesday: Not Giving up The Ship

See? Even Toilen had “brainfarts.”
What’s Inside Jimmy Devious’ Head this Wednesday?
Work work work, with a generous heaping helping of work, a work side-salad, and that drizzled with a thousand-island work dressing.
But not just any work, I mean, my more PERSONAL projects.
December’s really got me running all over the place, physically, emotionally and creatively. You ever see Penn and Teller on the TV jugglin’ chain saws?
Uhhh…yeaaaaaaaaah my mind’s kinda like THAT right now! 😛
On “Mental Burner” # 1 I have The Night Watchman my dystopian novel set in the mountain foothills of Western North Carolina during what I guess you would call an “American Dark Ages.” It’s not really an apocalyptic story, as it is set several generations AFTER such a mythical disaster would’ve occurred, but more about one ordinary man trying to save his young family and community from a mysteriously violent impeding threat. In the larger picture, it’s a part  allegory, and part “educated guess” on my part of what America (or in this case, AmerICAS ) would look like for our descendants if our civilization fell, viewing it from the local, political, and historical level.
I’ve actually been working on that for FOUR YEARS off-and-on. Knocking it out chapter by chapter, doing lots of research on the collapse of past civilizations, and drawing back on the American Frontier, Early Medieval, and ancient/Biblical history for inspiration.  Although it’s probably one of THE MOST “heavy” and “dark” projects I’ve ever done, (but still not as depressing as The Road I promise 😉 ) it’s still has some quirky sardonic humor in it, and a lot of irony as far as what from our world gets passed down through the ages ….and what doesn’t. 😉
 Boiler Plate # 2 Is the research I’m doing in part with, of all people, my Mother 😉 for a future historical adventure novel series about two Irish-American Boston…ish brothers who turn to privateering, and help a Patriot spy and espionage ring during the Revolutionary War. It’s kinda The Patriot meets Butch Cassidy And The Sundance Kid with a little Pirates Of The Caribbean (mainly the swashbuckling and daring-do stuff) thrown in for good measure! If it were a movie, it would be a “Buddy” picture. 😉 
Boiler Plate 3  is my “Video Store blast-from-the-past” comedy novel. I’ve already posted a few rough draft chapters from that…

….which you can read HERE and as well as HERE if you’re curious about it.

ANNND Boiler # 4 is my military “action comedy novel” about a scrappy one-eyed, one armed ex-US Army Ranger-turned private Merc and his new “perky” Midwestern physical therapist; who are being chased around Texas by various teams of foreign Black Ops (ANNND US Army Intelligence) who all THINK he stole something of theirs that he has NO IDEA he actually has.All that is on his side are sarcasm, his unwilling female accomplice’s eternal optimism, a few rounds from  a SIG Sauer  model 1911, and that he has “home field advantage.” He will need them all if he hopes to “out-Bugs Bunny” his pursuers, and make it out of this in one piece…or at least, what’s LEFT of his one piece!
And all that doesn’t EVEN COUNT all my short stories, and things other people have asked me to help them write.
So yes, my “Wordsmithery factory” is eternally busy busy busy….how about yours?  How are your writing projects coming along, fellow writers?? 😛
Writer’s Block? Schmiter’s Block…doesn’t have time for it,
J. Devious, ESQ

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