Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Redux; Totally Retro Tuesday

TMNT Shellraiser 2012
What’s inside Jimmy D’s head today??
I’m actually thinking about turtles.
No no, not  tur-TELS like my old childhood pet buddy Slowpoke…
Young Jimmy Devious and Slowpoke
Little me and Slowpoke C.A. 1990, during my “Peace Sign idiot” phase!
 But THESE buddy turtles from my childhood. Remember THESE guys??

Yeah for Totally Retro Tuesday it seems those “heroes in a half shell” from my days of yore,  The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles have made 2012 their comeback reboot year, (No really, they’re SO SERIOUS this time!! ) and I’ve been LIKE totally missing out on it so far. 😛

Not only are they in the process of successfully resurrecting the Saturday Morning Cartoons phenomenon on Nickelodeon with an all-new show (with prominent voice talent like Sean “Samwise” Astin and Jason “I’m the Pie-F^%ker” Biggs) but these new and improved Turtle toys are the must-have plastic-fantastic items for Christmas this year.
TMNT Action Figure 2012
Ya’See? This is one of the FEW reasons I must get around to having kids one of these days (or at least a niece and a nephew Lil’Bean and Peapod OLD enough to drive their parents NUTS so I can know about these things!! 😛 Hurry up and grow up kids, dangit!! lol just kidding.
Playmates has released two new toy lines, one modeled after the turtles as they look on the show (which is itself a throwback to the original comic books ) for your kids, and a second “improved classic” quartet of arse-kicking shellbacks (you know, for YOU their PARENTS to play with lol 😀 )

Give the Turtle Toys a closer look HERE, if you haven’t already!!

I think they look pretty spiffy, to tell you the truth. larger and more “articulated” like the old G.I. Joe’s were. As someone who once had the COMPLETE SET of original TMNT toys…
 (yes even including Leatherhead the gator and that goofy looking Surfer dude frog, as well as the cheesy sports-ripoff “collector’s edition” turtles )
…I think these new ones meet my stamp of approval from what I can see. Different yes, but true to the original.
(BTW, was it just me, or did anyone else giggle uncontrollably like a school girl every time they watched the first TMNT: The Movie and saw the young rat Splinter teaching himself to ninja fight? HeeeLARIOUS! )
 Okay, COME ONNN ADMIT IT, what was YOUR big “fad” that you were into when you were younger??
Still randomly drops “Cowabunga!!” unnecessarily into real-world conversations,
J. “Cowabunga!” Devious, ESQ

2 thoughts on “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Redux; Totally Retro Tuesday

  1. Trolls were around when I was a kid, and they came back when you were a kid….. so maybe they’re due for another round for Kayla and D.J. 🙂

  2. when the tmnt movie first came out.i spent my mother’s day with april and matt watching it at the movies.i really liked it.haha matt had those things everywhere.and the girl was named april in the series and my april thought that was funny.i still have a few pieces of them around for kayla and dj to play with.great memories.

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