Movie Quote Monday “You’ll Shoot Your Eye Out KId!”

A Christmas Story Bunny Suit
I had a dorky bunny suit like that when i was a kid. (no, really! )
What’s inside Jimmy Devious’  big old blockhead noggin today?
Hey hey, check it out, it’s Movie Quote Monday.
And which one gets the honor today? Why not this INFAMOUSLY beloved little snippet of everyone’s favorite BB-gun-seeking youth, Little Ralphie a’la
A Christmas Story

Bonus points if you can say that one from memory AND really fast like that. :PMaybe it’s just me, but every time I watch that scene I get to wondering why my local Santa Claus never had a cool slide like that for my adorable butt to slide down? 😉 😀

And are kids these days even allowed to own BB guns anymore or permitted to go outside…much less worrying about shooting their eyes out??
I dunno. All I can say is, I had a BB gun, I never shot my eyes out and turned out just fine…well…uhh…relatively speaking. 😛 🙂 lol
(That time with the smoke bomb in the house was an accident!! An ACCIDENT I say!! *Errp* lol )
What was your favorite toy growing up??
Or how about something you wanted for Christmas/The Holidays that you never got?
Have you known anyone who ever actually shot their eye out?? LOL
J. Devious, ESQ

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