Fitness Friday: “Messing Around With My Balls”

Frye Futurama Balls
What’s mousing around in Jimmy Devious’ head on this Friday?
Well specifically, a new Blog segment called Fitness Friday….
…Or, if you want me to get EVEN MORE specifically specific about it, I want to discuss…the very important issue of… My Balls.
Oh, I must confess, I DO love utilizing my balls! I used to be quite the ball devotee. In fact, I dare say for most of last year, I would enjoy handling and getting all sweaty having fun with my perfectly round and oh-so-smooth balls almost every day! Yeaap, I was totally a balls-loving fiend!

Wait, you DO know, that I’m referring to Swedish EXERCISE Balls uhh…RIGHT?? 😉

But yeah, I think the use of Swedish Exercise Balls in your core regimen is a fantastic way to keep that stomach all toned and flat, and since I naturally seem to have a very high metabolism, it was easy to maintain, and would make the best core exercises almost effortless during my workouts. That is, when I lay myself out for…my balls. 🙂

(And NOOO it doesn’t make you a wuss or a “Girly Man” just because you workout often with exercise balls. They allow you to get at muscles, at tricky angles, and maintain certain posture lines more easily…honest! )
But alas,I have allowed my balls to sag a little, air-wise you know, by not using that equipment as much because…well, I’ve been a little distracted in 2012.
hot chick on an exercise ball
I MEANT with other priorities, like, my book work, real life, and stuff…though that is VERY …(wonderfully) …distracting 😉
But I’m seriously thinking I’m going to make myself whip out my balls again soon. I have to get back into the old routine. Now is the time to get a leg up on all those packed in holiday calories. 😉
Course, again, I might just allow myself to slack off, and my balls to slide off to the side…of my SHEDdule… when I see even more distracting things…like OTHER people having more fun than I am with THEIR balls…

(Yeah, I know, I’m HORRIBLE. Admit it, you laughed at some of those!!)

And just to C-Y-A myself, you can go HERE to see proper Ab Exercise ball use (Or ogle the woman demonstrating it! 😉 )

Are you good about exercising?
Do you have a favorite routine or equip you use when you exercise?
That’s all blog folk, have a great weekend!
Balls, balls, balls, and more balls,
J. Devious, ESQ

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