Thrilling Cinema Thursday: National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation

What’s in your friendly neighborhood Jimmy’s head on this Thursday?
I thought I’d launch YET ANOTHER new blog segment, but of course!! 😉
And since I’m a rather huge movie buff, I thought we (really meaning ME) would just go ahead and call it…
Thrilling Cinema Thursday.
On today’s marvelous movie review Dockett, being that it’s the Christmas season and all…let’s take on one of the most-watched of watched Christmas movie classics. (Oh stop, you KNEW it was coming! )
National Lampoon's Christmas Vaction at Amazon

National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation!!

What’s The Big Idea? “
Well, just in case you’ve been living under The Rock, Chris Rock, you’ve just spent all your time rockin’ OR you’ve been living under an ACTUAL ROCK for the last 25 years or so…

Family man Clark W. Griswald Jr (once again masterfully played by Chevy Chase who apparently is such an egomaniac he had a Maryland town named after him 😉 ) is determined to have the “perfect family” Christmas, despite the fact he has both sets of in-laws coming, other senile relatives, the redneck moron from the bowels of Redneck Hell, and his own perpetual idiocy to deal with.

Commence with the Festivus of chaos and hilarity!

National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation 1

Soo…what on the Spacecraft is still good?”

A stellar comedy cast. Randy Quaid  giving THE best performance of his career as “Cousin Eddie.” Fantastic cameos by veteran actors. A hot lingerie store saleswoman, 80’s Yuppie scum getting their comeuppance, a light nutmeg touch of nostalgia, and other moments of seasonal Christmas yucks that we can all relate to. 

And of course, one of my all-time favorite Christmas Movie lines…
CLARK: “Is there anything I can do for you Eddie? Refresh your Egg Nogg? Take you out to a deserted wood somewhere? Leave you for dead?”
That scene is not even close to being the funniest in the film, yet ,that one scene alone whips the asses of everything both Tom Green and Pauly Shore have done on screen…COMBINED. That’s how good this movie is!
Anything Suck about it?
Sure, I suppose, but obviously not a whole lot. It is, in some ways, a sad reminder of the way things USED to be in America not too long ago. A time when people could still make blindingly-funny-fun of the obvious stupidly in our own lives; a time when Chevy was still funny and NOT a bitter old man with a giant ego, and when Quaid was still an actor and had not actually BECOME Cousin Eddie.
Final Thoughts
There is a REASON why TV networks still show this movie over and over again EVERY SINGLE year, despite the fact it is so absurd and politically incorrect…it never ceases to be funny as hell, and more “true” in many ways than any of us would care to admit…openly. 😉
Christmas Vacation is, without doubt, not just a comedy classic, nor a “holiday” movie classic, but a CLASSIC-classic…period.
And Oh what a classic it is!!
What’s your Favorite Christmas Movie?
Do you have a “Cousin Eddie” in your family??
Unlike Rusty, rewound the tape more than once to make SURE he could “see the line”
J. Devious, ESQ
Christmas Vacation Cousin Eddie

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