We Love The Stros Wednesday: New “Old” Uniforms

New Astros Logo 2013
What’s on the boiler plate of Jimmy D’s head on this fine day?
Why, a little something old, and a little something new at the same time. Which actually fits with the topic that follows forthwith quite nicely. You’re quite welcome for that meandering sentence! 😛
You see, I’m launching off yet another new blog category/segment for my blog (duh) called We Love The Stros Wednesday.

Yeaaaap you read that right, the Stros as in The shite-stinkiest team in Baseball for two STRAIGHT seasons…The HOUSTON Astros!

What can I say? I grew up for the most part in Houston (and New Orleans. ) I gotta show a little hometown fan loyalty somewhere! 😉

And while you’ll normally see this topic heading IN THE SUMMERTIME (naturally ) I wanted to make blogological mention of the Astros’ new uniform look for the 2013 season.

Haven’t seen it yet? Well here it is…Take a gander…or two.

New Astros Uniforms 2013
Hmm. I guess I like it. When I heard Jim Crane was going “retro” with it I was truly affeard he might bring back to us those PUKEY  Dirk-Digglerish 70’s-80’s rainbows in large numbers.
Astros new old uniforms 2013
But this? I can get behind this. (in a STRICTLY platonic way of course! 😉 lol )
Oh, SPEAKING of “behinds” did I happen to mention that Orbit (who will also be returning) came to my middle school once and bumped me IN THE FACE with his big green ass? Yeaaap…Orbit likes to get a little too…uhh..jiggy…with it. 😛
It’s cool. I just find it ironic that they’re finally looking like a National League team again as the prepare to movie to the AL. Heh.
What’s your favorite Baseball team?
Or if you’re not a Baseball fan, is their a sports team you’re kind of “crazy” about as a fan?
Still “traumatized” from being “freak-danced” by a big green space alien,
J. Devious, ESQ.

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