Total Silliness Tuesday: Human Tetris

Tetris Wisdom
What’s Inside Jimmy’s head today??
Believe it or not….not much.
(What? You’re shocked by this? lol 😀 )
Well, put it this way, at least not today. I had originally planned to start up a new blog segment today where I actually REVIEW (affectionately 😉 ) old cool retro stuff like Tetris but I dug this up on Youtube instead, heck, if it’s a neat-o Oldie-but-goodie video clip, why not refry it and regift it to the masses once more!!
(Masses, as in, all FIVE of you! lol j/k )
So without further adieu, check out (or RE-check out ) this guy’s take on “Human Tetris!”
Whatever, I THOUGHT it was rad! So THERE!! 😛 🙂
(Visually at least, even though his ACTUAL play kinda sucks. )
Still to this day  sees those pesky falling blocks in his SLEEP,
J. Devious, ESQ.

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