Saints WHODAT Hootnanny Sunday: “REAL Saints Fans”

Drew Brees
What’s inside your virtual buddy Jimmy Devious’ head hoy?
Why, I thought I’d start off my new Sunday blog segment that I’ve been meaning to do forever, it is called Saints WHODAT Hootnanny Sunday.
Oooooh I knoooow, I can hear you out there in the internetverse right now…
“Hey bub, you DO KNOW that New Orleans got thrashed by the Falcons this past Thursday and that they have about as much chance of making the playoffs as a toilet has of being scrubbed clean in a rest area bathroom!”
In the first place, it ain’t New Orleans, it’s just the Saints. Everybody down here knows immediately who you’re talking about when you just say, “The Saints.”
In the second place, GROSS!
And in the third place, so freakin’ what?? 😉
But in all seriousness, I’m been hearing a LOT of naysayers, braggards, and whiners talking a whole lot of Saints-a-logical smack about the Gulf Coast’s favorite football team, and to them I say the following…
Apparently some of you Jonenets-come-lately don’t know the drill when it comes to being a REAL Saints Fan.
And that is, in the quiet words of sweet Westley from The Princess Bride, “Get used to disappointment!”
If you’re a REAL Saints fan, this isn’t your first fecal blizzard rodeo.
Remember when they were known to the whole world of Pigskinina as “The Aints” ??
Believe it or not, the first Manning to put on a football jersey never had a shot at Super Bowl greatness. with his hometown team.
 Archie Manning never had it easy
Hey newbie Saints fan, you think this season is disappointing…
Bobby Hebert
….try having to put ALL your forlorn post-season hopes on the arm of THIS guy…
Bobby Hebert in drag
(Yes, that IS Bobby Hebert for those with long memories and YES, he is in drag…I can’t make this shite up!! 😉 lol )
You think this season is tough, try going your FIRST 20 YEARS without ever having made the playoffs!!
And that feat was accomplished largely due to the leadership of this guy…
 Jim Mora
….And THIS guy…
John Fourcade
I close here by saying only this….It’s really not the end of the world. (Heck, we’ve got what? 19 days to go? *snort* 😛 )
 If you’re a REAL Saints fan you probably already know that. Your “Losing muscles” should already have been long conditioned to the possibility that the Black’n’Gold can get black’n’blued in any given season. It’s just that we’ve been spoiled by Brees and company for so many seasons now, that maybe we’ve forgotten where we’ve come from.
I’m not saying the picture’s all rosy (it isn’t ) or that things don’t look bad (they do )
But in all likelihood, Sean Payton will be back where he belongs on the sidelines…and so will Drew, Graham, Moore, Vilma, and all the other who’s-who of Whodat legends that we’ve come to love.
Saints fans may be experts at getting knocked down, but NEVER at getting knocked out.
Real Saints fans were there 20 years ago, in the glory season of ’09, and OF COURSE we’re STILL here now now.
Put that brown bag over your head again if you must, but turn that paper place to hide once again into a symbol of your pride…show up and show out for your Saints.
Saints Bagheads
Because through all the generations one thing always holds true… REAL Saints fan NEVER give up…no matter what.
True Saints Fans
Whodat for life and Happy Sunday folks,
J. Devious, ESQ.

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