Total Silliness Tuesday: Cat vs Dog. Event: Skateboarding

cat vs dog with Lightsabers

What’s inside Mr. Devious’ head today?

Gee, thank you so much for asking. ( * Sez He, replying blandly as if it wasn’t totally scripted! * 😛 )

Actually I feel like getting a little silly. Why? Because IT’S TUESDAY that’s why. Do you really need a more profound reason than that to get silly??

And what’s more fun than watching pets….skateboard?? 😉

First contestant we have up today…El GATO Frio!!

Not bad, not bad at all. Now let’s see what you’ve got… Canine-is Domesticus Cuteus

Dadgum, they’re both SOOO cute!! I just can’t decide who the winner is of my utterly meaningless virtual competition. I KNOW!! Let’s bring in an expert and see what HE thinks.

So Rodney from the classic Nintendo game Skate Or Die what’s your professional take on this??


Rodneyy from Skate Or Die

Ooooo…..KAAAAY. Not sure what to make of that, but still the great Rodney has spoken. Meah. But feel free to comment blog folk…

Who’s the better “Thrasher” ??

Cat… or Dog??

Still trying to perfect his Ollie 7200 Stalefish McTwist,

J. Devious, ESQ


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