Why I Think The Sims 4 Will Probably Suck

The Sims 4 sucks


Hiya Pressers!

I’m still not “officially” back on the radar (but I’m working on it…like the new blog banner?  And will be soon!)


But I wanted to make a quickie mention of yet another new episode of my Infinite Geekiness Podcast

Infinite Geekiness Podcast With Jimmy Devious

In this episode I “reheat” a segment I intended to put in Episode 2 of what I think about the upcoming Sims 4 (soon to drop in stores on Sept. 2) SPOILER ALERT: I’m super duper thrilled as you can  tell by the title!


Also, Spiderman 2002 VS Spiderman 2012...ish. My own take!

Spider Man Vs Spiderman


Listen to it all right here, check out my other podcast episodes on Spreaker

You can also find it on Podbean

…OR if you need something more visual, you can listen/watch me (sortof ;) ) on Youtube right here at my channel


That is all for now, more to come…SOON!


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What If George Washington Were A Zombie?

Oh yeaaaaaaah Pressers!

Round Two of my Infinite Geekiness Podcast is up!


Infinite Geekiness Podcast With Jimmy Devious

In this segment I dscuss (with myself ;) ) How very American Geekiness really is, and how very close I may or may not have come (in an alternate universe) to meeting the “Father Of Our Country” as a flsh-eating zombie…WATCH!

TO catch the entire episode, DOWNLOAD HERE (It’s FREE!)



Hope you all had a safe and Happy Fourth and as always, I’ll catch y’all on the flipside.

J. Devious, ESQ.

BACK FROM THE DEAD: Announcing My All-New Podcast!

First and foremost…

HOLY CRAP it’s been a VEEEERY long time since I’ve been on this thing!


(I’ve had some financial issues to deal with, so a LOT of my writing pursuits  had to b put on hold.)

Suffice it to say I WILL be coming back more and more to the ‘Press, albeit gradually. I plan to redesign this blog with a new theme, new segments, and everything!

But, until all that happens, guess what?

(Yep, I suppose the title was a spoiler huh? ;) )


I’ve launched the Infinite Geekiness Podcast!

Infinite Geekiness Podcast With Jimmy Devious

As the title suggests, it’s just for fun, going to be mostly about nerd stuff, but they’ll be other little mish-masheries thrown in for good measure. My first episode is already up, check it out!

7:30- “Movies That Could Probably Use A Remake”

I gab on the lost opportunities that were Michael Crichton novels-turned-movies
14:38- “The Dusty Booky Cornery Of My Brain…y”
Darth Vader and Son by Jeffrey Brown

16:08- “Video Game Jump Scares”

I wax on moments in gaming history that skeeered me as a lad
(Even though they weren’t meant to…maaybe. I was kinda a Puss!)

20:34- “Lunchboxes Of Yore and Today”

Hint: A certain adorable 80’s movie furball had a staring role with
my PB and J’s

23:14- “Closing Thoughts”

If you’ve made it this far, then you’ve endured my first podcast.
you deserve a cookie for that. (If I had a cookie, that is.)





(Just listen and watch! ANNND you get a few cheesy images thrown in here or there! ;) )

More to come…and I’ll catch y’all on the flipside! :)

J. Devious, ESQ.

Famous Last Words Part 1- RHETT AND LINK

Rhett And Link Logo
Hey all WordPressers, how’s it hanging?
Yeaaap, I know I’ve really been lolly-gagging with the postings lately, but I assure you it has all been for a really good cause… my lolly-gagging.
Err, right well, uhh…nevermind. :D What’s going on inside Jimmy D’s head this day….HMmmmmm….
Hey, I know, how about another Total Silliness Tuesday?
This time a short video of funny “Famous Last Words” by a certain dude-bro-comedy duo from Comedy Central (NO, not THOSE two) Rhett and Link (AKA the white guys.)

You will be amused. Verily, you will…WATCH!

See, I told you. Now smile dangit…

What funny “Famous Last Words” would you add to their list?
….and have a grand day! (Or ELSE! ;) )
“Ohh look, raw Puffer Fish!”
J. Devious, ESQ.

Battlefield 3 Vs Hank Hill of King Of The Hill

Hank Hill Funny
What’s going in Jimmy D’s head today?
Well, it’s Tuesday, so of course you know I’m probably going to be taking it easy…and you thought right! :P
It’s time for another Total Silliness Tuesday!
For this week, a giggley-gem of a vid by a popular gent on Youtube who is known as Jaysumi the Soundboard Guy, or simply, “The Celeb Gamer.”
This time he slips America’s favorite animated redneck dweeb, Hank Hill of King Of The Hill into Battlefield 3.

Enjoy, or be an asinine jackass! ;)

Who couldn’t get a little smile or two out of that one!

That is all. Enjoy your Tuesday, carry on. :)

Never knew playing gawwd-dang viDEE-agames could be so much fun, I tellhu what!
J. Devious, ESQ.

The Greatest Horror Movie Quotes

Hellraiser Pinhead Funny
Hey all blogger friends, how’s it going?
What’s happening in Jimmy D’s head for this Monday? But of course, how about another awesome addition of Movie Quote Monday
And being as how it IS October, why not pick a vid some awesome guy did on the “Greatest Horror Movie Quotes Of All Time?”

You may be scared, but you KNOW you wanna watch! (Humor me. ;) lol )

Not bad, but I think he left one out…one of the best…

Too bad Thanksgiving doesn’t have as many cool themed movies worthy for quoting as Halloween huh? I can see it now if it did, though…

“Belts? Where we’re going to feast, we don’t NEED….belts!”
J. Devious, ESQ.

Sinistar: Beware, He STILL Lives!

Hey hey all WordPressers! What’s going on in your pal Jimmy D’s head for today?
Another Totally Retro Tuesday and remembering a nostalgic blip-trip from my childhood…
AKA Williams’ 1982 classic arcade game, Sinistar!
Though I didn’t discover it back in ’82, because in ’82 I was barely out of makin’ poopie in diapers. (Err…I think! :P ) My first encounter with the enigmatic villain head of  the golden age of arcades was  probably in 1986-87, looooooong after the “Video Game Crash” (then again, perhaps it was an early console port, can’t remember! :P )  but that whirling space disk of awesomeness still had the same effect on me that everyone has when they experience Sinistar for the first time….
“W-T-F was THAAAT??”
You see, you don’t really SEE him coming. No, not at all.
You’re expecting a cheesy Asteroids…y kind of clone, eah, no big deal,  Oh lookie,  there appears to be a glitchy animation in the corner of the screen amongst meteorites. Greaaat, you think, the developers got sloppy and forgot to finish filling in that spaceship…and hey, heheheh, that “glitch” looks kindof like its got devil horns or something, cool. Ho-hum, lemme go back to blastin’ these rocks and that red flying spooky crap.
Seconds later…
I Huuuunggeeer…
Oh shiiite! What’sat??
Did you say something, Satan? Where oh, where is that totally realistically eveeel voice coming from?? Could it be that this arcade cabinet is….*gulp* possessed???
Then, out of nowhere IT jumps out at you from somewhere from completely off ze screen at high speed…
Sinistar has to be seen to be believed. Here, watch the following video of some younger whipper-snapper gamers (I guess? They sure sound young!) playing it…

Classic, brings back memories :)

Admit it Cooooward, you KNOOW wanna play it now, doncha? ;)

(Oh yeah, and once you get past the “shock” factor, Sinistar is kinda adorable looking isn’t he?)

Hey, if they made a Sinistar plush pillow buddy or something, I’d buy it! :P That would rule!

There you go folks, enjoy your dose of retro, and have a good one! :)

Beware, I hunger…how about you make me a grilled cheese, pretty pleaaaase? ;)
J. Devious, ESQ.

Grand Theft Auto, Old School Style

GTA 3 Claude Speed
Hey all Blogsters, whaaaaaaaat’s haaaaapeninnnng?
Today inside Jimmy Devious’ head is another exciting installment of…
Totally Retro Tuesday!

And well, I just thought since GTA 5 dropped not to long ago, AKA only the biggest game of 2013…

…that I would take a quick look back to where the series has come from, and some brief “reflections” of my own on “the franchise.” Because, I am yet another “mouth with a keyboard attached” and well, why not?

Come on and take a look back with me, why doncha? ;)

Grand Theft Auto — 1997
 Grand Theft Auto 1997 cover
Simply put, the granddaddy of them all.
Would you believe that one of the most innovative, controversial, and highly irreverent franchises in gamming history began in SCOTLAND?!
Nooope, I can’t say it shocks me, after all, this IS the same country that also gave birth to highlanders, Billy Connolley, and the most indecipherable-ly awesome languages ever created (Glasgowese, of course :P ) where else would you expect to find such anti-social snarkiness?
(Okay, TECHNICALLY it was created by two London-born guys living in Scotland, but whatever, everything else I said was true lol )
All the trademark elements of the series are first introduced here, the driving, the car-jacking, the open world freedom style, the first appearances of Liberty City, Vice City, and San Andreas.
Go ahead, look!  It won’t bite’ya (unless you try to play it, that is! )

Younger gamers may find the original GTA boring and dated, but being as I’m old enough to remember when games like this were common, I find the “throwback 80’s arcade” style endearing. The original GTA’s were kind of like playing with Hot Wheels in your computer or console…Hot Wheels that can run over tiny people and burn each other up with flamethrowers that is!

It was fun, in a deliberately eveeeel sort of way. The real surprise “secret weapon” though in this game’s demented charm arsenal is the parody radio stations.

Depending on what type of vehicle you stole (sports car, taxi, police cruiser, TANK, etc :P ) would effect what type of music you got.

Gawwd-help-you though if you jacked someone’s pickup truck, you’d get THIS..

(Okay, I admit it, that terrible country song is one of my favorites, I can’t lie! It sucks so bad, it’s good! :) )
GTA Mission Pack: London 1969
GTA London 1969
(AKA “GTA London” )
If you have to sum this one up in a phrase, it’s “Austin Powers Meets Grand Theft Auto.” But, that’s not necessarily a bad thing.
 In fact, this expansion is my personal favorite of the early ones, and I’m not totally sure why. It’s more-or-less the exact same GTA game engine painted over with a “Cockney-London” swinger skin…
…But somehow that “skin” they chose  works. GTAL is not particularly original in function, but the psycho mayhem that was (and is) GTA works in grimy old London town. It’s the perfectly different setting for it’s carnage, and paired with the truly AWESOME radio stations soundtrack…

…it all really puts one in the mood to become a dapperly-dressed psycho prat speakin’ the Queen’s English. It’s like Gangster No 1 or Get Carter: The Video Game.”

GTA London 1969 NICKED

GTAL is what The Getway hoped to be.
The first true sequel to GTA, released in October 1999.
This is where the franchise went into “Same’ol-same’ol” territory for a bit.
 That’s not to say the game isn’t well done, or that it didn’t add to the gameplay formula at all…
 (Being able to upgrade/alter cars you stole in body shops, the ability to work for different gangs around the city, all nice touches)
…it’s just that this version never really stuck with me, that’s all.The “retro futuristic” look of the city and cars was okay and done fine, it just didn’t appeal to me to much.
GTA 2 Gameplay BUSTED
About all I can remember about GTA 2 is working a lot for the Yakuza, that Japanese chick DJ who’s voice would make me bleed from the ears, and the radio advertising slogan in-game,“JUST DRIVE! For all your manual computing needs (disclaimer speedy voice)JustDriveShouldNotBeUsedToStoreOrSellPornography.”
Probably why I haven’t played GTA 2 (until last night) in literally 12 years!
One more point of note, this installment was also the first to introduce everyone’s favorite future cago-pants-wearing criminal bastard-deluxe, Claude Speed.
Finally (for this blog) we come to…
GTA 3 Box Art
I’m not going to delve too deeply into this one, because almost everything that can be said about this installment in the series, has been said. And it’s all probably true. ;)
GTA 3 is the “crossroads” of the franchise. The dividing line of what the series was, and is, going forward to today. Of course it was great, of course it was epic, and yes, I enjoyed it. I played this one every bit as much as I did GTAL, and probably more so.
(I even created my own Claude sim for Sims 3, and with the help of the “Weapons System” Mod and “Klepto” trait, he shoots people and jacks cars in Bridgeport. Claude in Sims 3 makes it all better! lol B) )
GTA 3 was everything that was grand about the early GTA’s… in 3D!!
And it had a more natural night and day cycle with weather. It was a great game to get lost in. There was so much to do, even when you weren’t doing jobs.
My favorite side dish? Driving around in the rain listening to the nuts on Chatterbox FM…

Ahh yes, GTA. Whatever “Old School” version of the franchise you choose, it will always equal a good time! (Yes, even GTA 2! )

So, before you get completely immersed in the new epic hottness that is GTA 5, (and we know you will!) give some of it’s “ancestors” a lookie-loo, particularly if you’ve never played them before. You might be surprised! :)

Still wondering about that “prancing German named Hanz”
J. Devious, ESQ.

Bruce Campbell, King Of The Kickass One-Liner

Bruce Campbell President
Yeah, I think I might be up for that, can’t be any worse for the job than the current or the last one! :P
Hey hey all, what’s going on in Jimmy D’s head this day?
Why not another Movie Quote Monday?
(Tough teats, I’m doing it anyway! ;) lol )
Being as how it is almost October, everyone’s favorite 31 days of scare, I thought why not reflect on one of the all-time greats of B-Movie and splatterfest one-liner delivery, the one, the only, Bruce Campbell
If the following doesn’t make you smile, then you’re probably a square ;)

See there? Now doncha feel your Monday’s just a little bit more bearable now? You’re welcome!

Hail to the dork, baby…

J. Devious, ESQ.